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For Helping Christian Women Turn Their Marriage Around, Create a Thriving Family, and Experience a Joy-Filled Life."

I Understand On This Call I Will Discover:


  • The exact process Lea has used to help hundreds of women revive their marriage and turn their family around….


  • WITHOUT spending years in counseling, without feeling like a doormat and without needing their husbands to change first.


  • 2 beliefs that impact EVERYTHING that almost no one is talking about.


  • The surprisingly simple steps for turning a negative atmosphere into a positive one, even if you’ve tried everything before.

What Women are Saying...

“This changed everything for me and my family.”


“I was feeling trapped, my marriage was struggling, I felt there was no hope. I didn’t feel close to God and was desperate for answers. My husband and I were more like roommates than husband and wife. That’s when I met Lea and she helped me turn everything around. My marriage is better than it has EVER been, I am more in love with God and am experiencing a life of joy and purpose that’s awesome. I am even helping other women who feel the way I did. I am AMAZED at what’s happening in my life!”



“It changed my relationship with my husband and children almost overnight.”


“I was attending bible studies and conferences looking for answers. Lea provided a new way to relate to my husband and family using the PIC Approach. It has radically changed every relationship I have. I can’t stop talking about how my life has changed. My relationship with God is so much richer and my life is full of joy. Lea and her team have been amazing. All I can say is WOW!”



“My family was struggling, strained relationships, I had tried everything…” 


“After I applied the Thriving Families strategies that Lea presented it transformed my life and family. I didn’t realize all the ways I was fighting against God’s design for me and my family. I began to apply very specific and unique steps that were revealed, and my home and family has been changed forever. I am so incredibly GRATEFUL that God led me to Lea and her team.”



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