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Executive Team

Portrait of Laurie Batterman

Laurie Batterman

Laurie Battermann started in the corporate world as a communications coach for multi-national companies in Hong Kong through Dale Carnegie Training.  After returning to the United States, she was a technical writer and process manager for Century Link.  She holds a B.A. in Human Environmental Sciences from Seattle Pacific University. While raising and homeschooling her four kids, Laurie has been

a wedding coordinator, K-8 school teacher and volunteer in women’s and children’s ministries.  She has spoken on marriage and family issues at MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) and churches. Laurie and her husband, John, have been marriage coaches for over 20 years with Engaged Encounter, Prepare-Enrich and their local church and are passionate about equipping couples with tools to build strong relationships.

Laurie participated in the first Transformed Living Experience in 2004.  Having experienced the power and lasting change of Transformed Living first hand, she has eagerly helped lead Experiences for others and develop course materials.  Currently she is a curriculum editor and member of the Executive Team for Transformed Living.

Portrait of Crystal Bollinger

Crystal Bollinger

Though raised in Canada, Crystal’s Art Directing life began in Southern California producing three prominent lifestyle magazines. After several successful years she was lured away to the Northwest by Microsoft. After 8 years in design and management it was time to SLOW down and start a family. A husband, a move to an island beach, two beautiful daughters and not slowing down, found her 

returning full circle to the design world. Crystal helped lead the very first Transformed Living Home Mentoring Experience, and has helped advance Transformed Living with her various gifts.

Julie Brunk recently retired with her husband after serving as Lead Pastors for 23 years at Lake Sammamish Foursquare Church in Bellevue, Washington. Julie served as the Facilities Coordinator overseeing multiple organizations and individual renters. She is accomplished in event planning, clothing design and team building. Julie is currently residing in Denver Colorado with her husband, Curt. Julie helped 

Julie Brunk

Portrait of Julie Brunk

lead the very first Transformed Living Home Mentoring Experience, and has been involved in a variety of ways including  organizing, mentoring, and leading.

Drew Carawan is currently a School Counselor at Laurel Park Middle School with experience as a school counselor at the elementary and high school levels. Drew earned a Masters Degree in both school and community counseling at Regent University. He has accrued experience working with people in many different avenues, one of those led to him being the youngest service coach in the nation for Chick-Fil-A during high school. Drew resides in Virginia with his wife, Jenna, and 3 

Drew Carawan

Portrait of Drew Carawan

 wonderful kids Natalie, Elijah, and Juliette. Drew is currently pursuing the Transformed Living Christian Coaching certification through International Christian Coaching Institute. Drew has been involved in multiple Transformed Living Experiences as a participant, as well as a processing group facilitator.

Rolfe Carawan, MEd, is the President ad Pastor of LifeMatters Church, which focuses on discipleship, biblical principles, and tackling relevant issues of our times.  Inspired by his passion to relieve suffering and release potential, Rolfe brings his real-world experience and strategies to his ministry through Transformed Living. Known for his contagious enthusiasm, his coaching draws out the best in people, igniting a renewal of energy, engagement, and productivity, as 

Portrait of Rolfe Carawan

Rolfe Carawan

well as successfully transitioning people through change, transforming human behavior, building unified teams, and overcoming generational gaps.  His winning strategies have been developed over 30 years of successfully coaching, training, and motivating people. Rolfe has reached millions through organizations ranging from Fortune 500 and high-tech companies to healthcare and nonprofits.

Portrait of Lea Carawan

Lea Carawan

Lea Carawan, MA, is the CEO of LifeMatters International, a firm dedicated to improving personal and professional performance, and Founder of Transformed Living, a unique discipleship experience designed to equip individuals to have a significant impact through their relationships at home and at work. Lea has also served as the Executive Director and Vice President of Operations and Project Development for the Congressional Prayer Caucus Foundation. For over 12 years, 

she led the effort to equip and mobilize the largest network of federal and state elected leaders—nearly 100 sitting members of Congress and 900 state legislators—committed to standing for faith and advancing religious freedom. She is a speaker, consultant, ordained minister, and leadership, marriage, and life coach. With a career spanning three decades, Lea has transitioned seamlessly between entrepreneurship, fashion, consulting, ministry, and motherhood.

Portrait of Ryan Hambley

Ryan Hambley

Ryan Hambley is a Counselor and the Administrative Director at a Group Counseling practice located in Denver, CO.  Ryan excelled as a math teacher at KIPP Courage College Prep School, receiving an award for his effective approach.  Ryan has a B.A. in Middle School Math Education from TCU and an M.A. in Counseling with a double emphasis in Clinical Counseling and School Counseling from Denver Seminary. He loves organization, adventure, group exercise, and his family.

 Ryan Hambley is the Administrative Director of Transformed Living.

Rachel Hambley is a writer who focuses on justice, family, and health. She started her professional career as a teacher at KIPP Courage College Prep School in Houston, TX, after graduating with a B.A. in Psychology from the College of William and Mary. She then moved to Denver where she earned a Master’s Degree in Justice and Missions from Denver Seminary. Soon after graduating she became the Director of a Home for Women and Children coming out of addiction.  Rachel received training 

Portrait of Rachel Hambley

Rachel Hambley

at Youth With a Mission, and has worked in missions around the world. She has a love for all things nature and beauty, and spending time with her husband and daughter.  Rachel is the Assistant Director of Transformed Living. She has been involved in multiple Transformed Living Experiences as a participant, as well as a leader

Robyn Spencer, born and raised in Rochester NY, currently resides in Virginia Beach, VA. Happily married for 24 years with 2 adult children, both in college. Robyn became a follower and believer in Christ 10 years ago and that decision has changed everything for her, personally and professionally. She has been a hairdresser for 25 years and decided a year ago to go out on her own. Robyn’s Nest is now her own home business and she is loving every minute of it! It has been a 

Robyn Spencer

Robyn Spencer Portrait

blessing ever since. As her own boss she is able to freely share the Lord and encourage others with His love and purpose for their life in the intimacy of her own home. She is excited to share her Transformed Living Experience with others as it's been so personal to her own journey! 

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