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You Are Invited to Join the Transformed Living Network

We want to extend to you a personal invitation to join the private Transformed Living Network!  You will be joining a dynamic community of faith-based coaches, leaders and caregivers committed to growing in their love for God, walking in freedom and building life-giving relationships at home, work and church.

On behalf of the Transformed Living Ministry, thank you for considering joining us and others on this transformation journey. May God bless your call to support others desiring transformation through self-study, coaching, or as part of a Transformed Living Experience church ministry. We look forward to getting to know you better.


Rolfe and Lea Carawan

Founders, Transformed Living Ministry 

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Join the TL network today!

There are two types of membership — MEMBER and PLUS MEMBER —both offer community, support, resources and training. 

Same great deal, only $99.

You are welcome to become a MEMBER if you are currently or have been involved in a TL Experience or Self-Study; or are enrolled in a TL Coaching Course 101, 201 or 301. You may desire support and community as you engage, so enjoy your first-year membership free.

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What you get with your membership: 

You qualify to become a PLUS MEMBER with additional opportunities, resources and support when you have completed training, credentialing or certification with ICCI and Transformed Living Ministry. You have invested in Transformed Living so enjoy the same low cost with much more added.

  • PLUS Membership

    Every year
    • Access to private TL Training Calls
    • Access to private TL Community Chat Group
    • Access to select TL Training Resources
    • Discounts on Lifeline to Hope Membership, Events & Resources
    • Special Discounts on ICCI Membership, Events & Resources
    • Free Access & Discounts on TL Products, Resources & Events
    • Licensing Opportunity for ICCI Certified Coaches
    • Promotion of TL Coaching and TLE Advisor Services
    • Referrals for Coaching Clients or TL Experiences
    • Special Discounts on Individual and Group Coaching
    • Free Access & Discounts on select Products
    • Free Access & Discounts on Resources & Training Events
    • *Requires Annual Renewal

What you get with your membership: 

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