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Carawan Coaching Ministry

“I really wish I were a better man.”

“If I could just get a handle on this behavior, I would be a much better wife and mother.”

“I don’t know what it is. I can’t seem to make the changes I want to make.”

“I wish we had a better relationship.”

Most of us hear things like this every day. In polite conversations, at the office, over coffee with a close friend, in frustration at dinner after work. In fact, it happens so regularly, we just assume there is nothing than can be done about it. But there is!


Most people have something about themselves, their relationships or their circumstances that they want to change. Maybe you feel that way or know someone who does. But where to turn?


Coaching is a powerful relationship designed to help you develop as a person, strengthen relationships, work through pivotal changes, or live a more focused life.

Maybe you have attempted various strategies for experiencing the change you seek, to no avail. That’s our story; until God showed up! Through our failures, tears and pain God took us to His Word and invited us to embrace a path we now call, Transformed Living. A fresh coaching approach where you will discover that Truth is Powerful, and Change IS Possible.

One of the things we most enjoy about Christian coaching is that it isn’t about fixing people. Instead, a coach functions as a partner, helping you live out your God-given values and dreams. You’ll be the one setting the agenda with the leading of the Holy Spirit.


Our conversations will help you to go deeper than you imagined and reach higher than you thought you could. We’ll explore the strategies and support structures needed while creating a customized, systematic plan to turn your dreams into reality.


If you would like to engage in a coaching relationship with Rolfe or Lea Carawan, simply fill out the form below to schedule a discovery call or inquire about coaching opportunities.

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Truth is Powerful

Change IS Possible

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