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Thriving Families Coaching 

“I’m tired of feeling alone in my marriage, we’re more like roommates than husband and wife.”

“I’m sick of rehashing old hurts and feelings with no solutions.”

“I’m exhausted by doomed techniques, methods and strategies to get through to my spouse and kids.”

“I’m tired of having to control everything. I feel helpless, and hopeless!”


If this sounds like you... and you're a Christian woman who desires a strong marriage and godly family but can’t seem to get there, you’ve come to the right place.


Lea’s unique one-on-one coaching will help you achieve a thriving family…even if you’ve tried bible studies, retreats, counseling, and how-to books with little success.


Why is it that the harder a woman tries, and the more advice she gets, the more confused, guilt-ridden and unable she is to achieve a God-honoring family.


That was me! 10 years into my marriage I had a come-to-Jesus moment and found the path that changed my life, turned my marriage around and positively impacted my kids.


Even after graduating from seminary and years in bible studies I was still unprepared, confused and utterly frustrated in my role as wife and mother. I was a "strong" Christian, how could I admit I didn't know how to turn my life and family around.


I want to help you like I’ve helped hundreds of women discover their God-given purpose, strengthen their marriage, and turn their family around.


If you are ready to do something different, simply fill out the form below  or click here to schedule a 100% free “Thriving Family Blueprint Call” with Lea.  You will leave the call with the specific method I use.


This is not a ‘sales’ pitch call. We will create a blueprint for you, then I will ask if you would like my help, you can simply say ‘Yes’ or ‘No.”  Don't wait, let's work together to find God's unique path for you and your family today!

Truth is Powerful

Change IS Possible

Ready to get started with coaching?

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