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Life Coaching is a rapidly emerging field of professional practice. The concepts of life coaching are sometimes intermingled and integrated with other similar approaches to people helping such as spiritual formation, mentoring, discipling, consulting, and counseling. While there are clearly several overlapping paradigms, life coaching is primarily an “inside-out” process, wherein the coach seeks to draw out of a client his or her passions, giftings, and a greater awareness of God’s calling.


A Transformed Living Christian Life Coach is trained and devoted to making godly disciples and guiding others into more fruitful relationships, Christian maturity, and greater competence. Coach training is greatly enhanced with a coach mentor. Mentoring provides an emerging Life Coach with professional oversight in achieving and demonstrating the required level of competency and professional excellence needed for each ICCI Core Credential or Transformed Living Specialization.


To become a certified Christian Life Coach through Transformed Living or ICCI, a mentor is required. Mentoring typically takes place over an extended period of time under the direction of the Mentor and in conjunction with field experience hours that are being obtained. This allows for ongoing feedback, reflection, skill development, and confidence in working with clients from a Christian and biblical framework.

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Become a certified Master

or Professional Transformed

Living Coach

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Engage a coach mentor for ICCI Associate, Professional or Master certification


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