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Rolfe and Lea Mentor Coaching

If you are taking the important step in your journey as an ICCI credentialed coach, the investment in a Mentor Coach will pay off exponentially. Mentor coaching consists of training in a collaborative, appreciative and dialogued process designed to increase your competence and confidence.


Our mentor coaching includes both individual and group mentor coaching sessions. Individual sessions provide one-on-one training, feedback and skill development which focus on preparing you with the skills and confidence you need to reach your goals.

Group mentor coaching sessions offer group support, demonstrations, role play, coaching practice, real time feedback and opportunity for getting coaching hours. 


Whether you are pursuing your Associates, Professional or Masters coaching certification, as Mentor Coaches, Rolfe or Lea will partner with you to achieve your goals.

To receive a specialization in the Transformed Living Coaching Approach, Rolfe and Lea are lead mentors and provide unique insight and experience in the Transformed Living Model. This is the first step on the pathway to becoming a Transformed Living Certified Coach.

To inquire about mentor coaching or to schedule a discovery call simply click here.


If you are ready to take the next steps, feel free to click here and begin. You will be able to:

  • Review what to expect in our mentoring process

  • Review terms and sign the agreement online

  • Make payments online

  • Schedule your first session with Rolfe or Lea

  • Stop and submit questions or make comments along the way and we will follow up.

If you are currently engaged in mentor coaching with Rolfe or Lea and would like to:


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