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Image of the book titled "Foundations"
Transformed Living Experience
FOUNDATIONS for Self Study or Groups

A 3-Session, video-based discipleship experience designed to be the starting point for the Transformed Living Experience. Can be done as a do-at-your-own-pace self-study or 6-week group study.

“This is the best discipleship material I have ever used.

Truly amazing to see the impact in our lives.” – Robyn.

Image of books, main book is titled "Service Priniciple"
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Transformed Living Experience
Additional Sessions

Each session is a stand-alone, video-based session, designed to be added to the Transformed Living FOUNDATIONS Experience to create a unique discipleship course.  Can be done as a do-at-your-own-pace self-study or 2-week group study.

Save 25% when purchase 3 or more

“This has opened my eyes to so much. Honestly, I had new insight in every session.”  – Whitney

Image of a stack of book, main book is titled "For Women"
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Transformed Living Experience
Bundled Experiences for Groups

Need help deciding where to start?  We have bundled the Transformed Living FOUNDATIONS course with 3 additional sessions to create a 12-week group study specifically designed for your group of men, women, couples or community group.

Save 25% when purchase one of the bundles

“Well worth the time, you will want more. The learning is so full of information, concepts and each subject deserves more time.” – Tom

Image of a man and wife sitting in the audience of a retreat conference
Transformed Living 

The Transformed Living FOUNDATIONS Experience in a 2 or 3-day retreat format with live teaching. Additional sessions are optional to create a powerful experience specifically designed for a men’s, women’s or marriage retreat.

“Excellent teaching and would like more. Loved the transparency. Thank you for the excellent conference. It helped us think about things and has encouraged us to be more intentional!" – Mark and Sue

Portrait image of Lea and Rolfe Carawan
Transformed Living 
Coaching and Mentor Coaching

Engage in life, relationship or spiritual growth coaching with Rolfe or Lea. Become a credentialed Christian Coach with a Transformed Living specialization through the International Christian Coaching Institute (ICCI). Or retain Rolfe or Lea as a Mentor coach for ICCI Associate, Professional or Master credentialing.

“Worth every penny and life changing.” – Heather

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