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Transformed Living Courses & International Christian Coaching Institute

Whether you are an aspiring life coach, or desire to become better equipped to mentor and make disciple, the Transformed Living courses are just the thing for you.

Image of student with mentoring coach
A mentor with a student sitting at a table discussing a book.

You are welcome to take one or all of the courses for your own edification and training. Simply go to the International Christian Coaching Institute (ICCI) website.  Scroll down to Coaching Course MODELS, then click on Transformed Living Coaching Model to find session titles, introductory videos, and pricing.

To make the experience even more impactful, you may want to include some personal coaching sessions with founders, Rolfe or Lea Carawan. Simply sign up for your course at the link above and then fill out the inquiry form to inquire about coaching services. 

The Transformed Living courses include:


Transformed Living 101   In the first course of the Transformed Living Model, you will learn the foundational keys and principles of transformation, including the PIC Approach. Community and interdependence with others are also fundamental concepts of building healthy relationships. In addition, this Model discusses the important of a person’s identity and how they view themselves, others and God.


Transformed Living 201:    In the second course you will learn about ten core principles that will prepare individuals to best help others be all that God has created them to become. Each of these principles is thoroughly discussed, as well as how they can be effectively applied within the coaching process.


Transformed Living 301   In the third course the Transformed Living approaches, methods and principles are applied to  working with various individuals and demographics, including women, men, couples, grandparents, leaders, singles, and peak performers, Finally, you will learn how to put all the pieces together to enhance true transformation in others.

Through ICCI and Transformed Living you can receive either a Professional Coach certification or a Masters Coach certification.  Identify and practice as a Christian Life Coach who incorporates biblical principles and coaching skills with appropriate theory, knowledge, and professional practice. Find out more about credentialing at 

You may also qualify to become an Approved Mentor for those who are implementing the TL Experience for Groups

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