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Our Team: Get to Know Us

Jeffy Theckston portait

Pastor Jerry Theckston

Jerry is a Pastor and the Director of International Mission at LifeMatters Church, which focuses on discipleship, building relationships with God and one another.   

Jerry was born in Salt Lake City, Utah and raised in the Mormon church until he was 18.  He met Jesus through his wrestling coach and Young Life leader when he was in high school in 1963 and later spent about 10 years serving in various roles in Young Life including as Young Life's regional director in the Northwest - helping introduce other youth to the Lord.

Jerry graduated from the University of Washington with a double major in bio-chemisty and has spent over 30 years as a Pastor - shepherding folks and modeling how to fall more in love with Jesus. Some of the great privileges of his journey have been continuing to serve Him with loved ones who have been walking together for decades, mission work in Africa for 11 years, Israel for 15 years and the former Soviet Union for almost 30 years.

Jerry has a real passion to see Christ's prayer for unity (John 17) realized in the church and spends much of his time these days ministering to leaders of various countries and reminding them of the witness that comes through their unity and love for one another. 

He also regularly teaches on God's love and how it is so different from the world's love - both within the context of teaching and pre-martial and marriage counseling. Jerry married Miss Des Moines, Sue Shafer, in 1970, and together he and his beautiful wife have four wonderful kids Erica, Sarah, Micah and Noah along with nine grandchildren!   

Rolfe Carawan portrait

Pastor Rolfe Carawan

Rolfe Carawan is a Pastor of LifeMatters Church, which focuses on discipleship, building relationships with God and one another.  

While a freshman in college, Rolfe met and began to follow Jesus. Though he has filled held various positions throughout his life, including pastor at multiple churches, Rolfe has had only one job; to follow and obey the Lord Jesus Christ. Over the past 35 years, Rolfe has utilized his education, training, experience, and spiritual gifts to serve in the marketplace and the church while attempting to fulfill the Great Commission.

Inspired by his passion to relieve pain and release potential, Rolfe has brought his real-world experience and strategies to individuals in every walk of life. Known for his contagious enthusiasm, his speaking and coaching draws out the best in people, igniting a renewal of energy, engagement, and productivity, as well as successfully transitioning people through change, transforming human behavior, strengthening relationships, and overcoming generational gaps. 


Rolfe is the Co-Founder of Carawan Global Group where his winning strategies have been developed over 30 years of successfully coaching, training, and motivating people. Speaking to organizations ranging from Fortune 500 and high-tech companies to healthcare and nonprofits, Rolfe has spoken to nearly a million people throughout America, as well as audiences on four continents. 


He is an author, successful teacher, coach, trained counselor, and uses experiential learning methods to create healthier relationships at home and work, effectively implement change, and strengthen communication. Rolfe is currently on the Board of Reference for the International Christian Coaches Institute (ICCI).

During this final quarter of life, Rolfe’s objective is to love as Jesus loved. Having tasted of and experienced the power of God’s grace to deliver and restore, Rolfe’s desire is to share God’s love and grace with others. Passionately committed to discipleship and helping people through the process of creating lasting change, he, along with his wife Lea, established Transformed Living Ministry.


Rolfe has ministered in a number of countries, including Brazil, Ghana, Israel, Ukraine, Russia, Canada, and Mexico.

Lea Carawan portrait

Lea Carawan

Lea Carawan is the Co-Founder of Transformed Living, a ministry that provides bible-based resources and services designed to make disciples who love God, walk in freedom and build life-giving relationships at home, work, and play. Lea has been on staff with several churches and ministries providing leadership, staff development, organizational development and teaching.  

Lea was the co-Founder and Executive Director of the Congressional Prayer Caucus Foundation. For over 10 years, she led the effort to equip and mobilize the largest network of federal and state elected leaders—nearly 100 sitting members of Congress and 900 state legislators— who are committed to standing for faith and implementing proactive

strategies to advance religious freedom, prayer, and America’s Judeo-Christian heritage.

Lea and her husband, Rolfe, built a successful speaking, coaching, consulting firm serving organizations ranging from Fortune 500 and high-tech companies to healthcare and nonprofits. For nearly 30 years they have helped leaders implement winning strategies that brought out the best in people. 

She is a speaker, consultant, ordained minister, and a multi-certified life, relationship and spiritual formation coach and coach trainer. She is currently on the Board of Reference for the International Christian Coaches Institute (ICCI). With a career spanning three decades, Lea has transitioned seamlessly between entrepreneurship, fashion, coaching, ministry, and motherhood. 

Lea has been a frequent speaker at women’s meetings, conferences and retreats both in the U.S. and worldwide.  She has volunteered her expertise in a number of countries including Brazil, Ukraine and United Arab Emirates. Lea is a graduate of Regent University with an M.A. in Christian Theology.

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