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Radical Transformation through Biblical Discipleship and Christian Coaching

Making disciples who love God, walk in freedom, and build life-giving relationships at home, church, and work.

What is Transformed Living?

Transformed Living is Bible-based resources and services with a unique approach that inspires, equips and empowers laypeople and leaders to grow as Christian disciples, mentors and coaches. 

You can engage Transformed Living in a variety of ways including

  • Transformed Living Experiences - Unique and robust group discipleship studies for individuals, groups and churches.

  • Transformed Living Coaching and Caregiving – Training and resources for leaders and coaches who nurture spiritual maturity, life-giving relationships, and personal freedom.

  • Thriving Families Discipleship Coaching - One-on-one transformational coaching program designed to revive marriages, ensure healthy families and strengthen relationship with God. 

  • Transformed Living Network – Community of likeminded and equipped Christian leaders, coaches and facilitators.

Our Misson

Transformed Living  Experiences

Introduction to the Transformed Living  Experience
Rolfe Carawan - TLE Men's Introduction
Rolfe & Lea Carawan - Coach Talks

Watch a 20-minute talk from the Transformed Living Experience FOUNDATIONS

Session 1: The PIC Approach.

Rolfe describes how the Transformed Living Experience is perfect for men who desire to live, love and lead God’s way. 

Lea describes how the Transformed Living Experience will help make disciples, strengthen families and encourage a deeper relationship with God.

Transformed Living

Coaching & Caregiving

Want to Become More Equipped to Help Others?

Discover how you can create powerful, life-changing conversations and relationships that help others transform their lives. Take the Transformed Living training courses for coaches and caregivers or become a credentialed Transformed Living Coach.